Prime Restoration Offers New Technology For Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Solutions

Prime Restoration, Inc. offers a state-of-the-art concrete restoration process - that restores, resurfaces and waterproofs old, cracked or stained concrete. This exclusive process transforms new or aged concrete surfaces to resemble the elegance of stone, cobblestone, river rock, brick or tile - approximately 1/3 the cost of conventional materials!

Prime Restoration's exclusive process, creates a "Flexible Concrete Waterproof" membrane used to waterproof concrete balconies, walkways, pool decks and breezeways, etc. It can be custom tinted any color of your choice. This new technology allows us to create patterns of brick, tile or stone including custom logos, family crests or individual designs to make a custom signature for your property or development. Our unique sealer provides additional protection from the elements, chemicals and it stays clear! It is cost effective, environmentally friendly and reduces long-term maintenance up to 50% or more! Our decorative concrete - restoration and waterproofing process is ideal for Balconies, Pools, Basement Floors & Walls, Driveways, Walkways, Sidewalks, Pool Decks, Patio, Wood Decks, Exterior Concrete Walls, Hotel/Motel/Apartment/Condo Breezeways and Front Entrances for any Residential or Commercial concrete applications. This decorative concrete restoration process is excellent for interior concrete or exterior concrete and concrete masonry surfaces.

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 Decorative Concrete Solutions Offer Custom Logos & Designs!

Prominently display your corporate logo or individual designs to create a truly personalized statement for your property. With over 18 years of experience in restoring concrete, we invite you to share your vision.

With our comprehensive knowledge base of concrete renovations we provide decorative concrete solutions for our residential and commercial clients designed to enhance your property and save you money. Our decorative concrete solutions will increase the beauty of your property including your property value!

Superior Durability & Easy to Maintain - Reduce Your Concrete Maintenance Costs up to 50% or More! 
Prime Restoration's Decorative Concrete Resurfacing & Restoration "exclusive base coat" is actually absorbed into the concrete creating a tenacious bond!

Unlike most products available that will crack and pop loose when the concrete expands and contracts; our exclusive product is "Flexible" and actually moves with the concrete. It is also freeze/thaw resistant and is very easy to maintain. In fact, our Decorative Concrete will actually reduce your current concrete surface maintenance costs as much as 50%!

100% Waterproof Protection & Slip Resistance!

In addition to superior durability and low-cost maintenance, Prime Restoration's Decorative Concrete offers superior Waterproof Protection! It is an ideal choice for remodeling your interior concrete surfaces or exterior concrete surfaces. Due to its remarkable moisture resistant, flexible and breathable properties, we can even transform your bathroom walls and locker rooms into a decorative finish at a fraction of the cost of traditional tile or travertine! Our environmentally friendly coating is VOC Compliant nationwide.

It's Slip-Resistant features make it an ideal choice for resurfacing exterior concrete around pool decks or high traffic areas that meets and exceeds the ADA requirements for slip resistance.
Brent Hagood, owner of Prime Restoration Inc., was directly involved in the research and development of their Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Coatings. With over 18 years of industry experience he takes great personal pride in delivering a product that is unique in the industry featuring exceptional quality and value.
As Seen in the Sherwin Williams 2013 Concrete Coater magazine.